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​Camping & Guest Port


​Camping - (New) Glamping - Gästhamn
open 15/5-30/9

​A stone's throw (depending on how far you throw) from the water, you can wake up to a sunrise over the water. It never takes more than 2 minutes to get to where you can take a dip. All campsites have a lake view.

Here there is room for stillness, tranquility, play, mischief, laughter, entertainment and meditation... inner peace. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the cafe is closed, but the food truck is open every day during the high season from 9am so there is food, if you don't want to cook yourself, the country store is next door where most things are.

Toilets (ramp)

Shower (ramp, tokens SEK 20 at the reception)

Washing machine & dryer SEK 60/pc

Easier dish & cook possibilities  

Country store Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-14 

Garbage sorting


Beach volleyball court


Bathing beach/bathing raft

Sauna (Open certain times)

Barbecue area

Boat ramp (launching with boat trailer SEK 100, key collected at reception)

NOTE: drop-in camping only.

Means per day

SEK 300 Motorhome/Caravan

SEK 200 Tent

SEK 170 Gästhamnen

SEK 50 extra per person over 3 pcs

SEK 50 extra for electricity.

SEK 1000 Glamping for 3-4 pers

(bed linen included)

SEK 350 Cottage

SEK 20 Shower

SEK 100 Boat ramp

SEK 60 Washing/Drying per pc

Good to know
Drop-in camping only
Wifi is available next to the cafe
Dogs are welcome 
The reception is staffed 
June Fri 12 - 22, Sat & Sun 9 - 22
July Fri 3 -30/7  9 -22
August fr 1 -17/8 9 -22
At other times, the camping host can call 0706 960892

3 subscribers have no coverage. 
The cafe sells fishing licenses for two of the lakes in the area.


Fire / Safety / First Aid

Remember when you come to us, you are responsible for following our fire and safety procedures.


The distance between camping vehicles is 4 m

Never grill in awnings/terraces/directly on the grass without a flat and non-combustible surface at least 1m from vehicles. Do not leave it unattended. Use our grill on the beach. Lighter fluid at least 3 m from the grill.

Used barbecue charcoal is emptied into a barrel by the beach.


Fire protection equipment

Extinguishers & fire blankets are available outside on both piers, by the sauna, on poles by the beach, on the long side of the shower house.

In the event of a fire, you must be prepared to intervene. Act on principle


In case of fire, call 112 and state Nössemarks Camping, Nössemark strand 640, Eds municipality. Contact the campsite manager

on tel. 0706 960892

Gathering point at the white storage room on the gravel next to the cafe.

Gasol & Electricity Safety No gas bottles may be left lying around. Have good ventilation in connection with the LPG, check hoses & connections regularly. The LPG is placed at least 60cm from combustible material. Electric cables must be CE-marked & intact. Cable thickness at least 2.5 area. Connection lines between pole-camping unit no longer than 25 m.

Cable reels must be unrolled. It is forbidden to charge your car at the electricity poles

First aid, Lifebuoys, fixed ladder, boat hooks out on each pier & by the sauna. First aid kit in the cafe & food truck. AED defibrillators are outside the door to the general store in the gray house. If an ambulance is needed, CALL 112 and state Nössemark camping, Nössemark strand 

​First aid equipment: Lifebuoys, boat hooks are to the right of each jetty and by the sauna. Fixed ladder at the far end of each pier. A first aid kit is available in the café and in the food truck. The defibrillator AED is outside the door to the Lanthandeln in the big gray house. Need an ambulance, call SOS 1112 and state Nössemark camping, Nössemark strand 640 in Dals Eds municipality



​Nössemark's Country Store 

Opening hours high season

Monday - Friday 10-18

Saturday - Sunday 10-14

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