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Excursion destinations

Tresticklan National Park

​15 km from the campsite is tresticklans national park, the largest roadless and undeveloped land in southern Sweden. From the air, the area resembles a washboard. The nature is characterized by narrow and high mountain ridges that stretch in a north-south direction. Between them lie marshlands and long, narrow lakes. The sparse and barren pine forest with lichen- and moss-covered rock outcrops, together with the large number of lakes form a peaceful environment where you can hike for several days.



Torrskogsleden is a 25 km long hiking trail that runs through varied nature, the trail starts and ends at Torrskogsbygdegård. Along the trail there are wind shelters, lookout towers, cabins and barbecue areas.

In the north-western part of the municipality, the Torrskogsleden can take you along old paths and roads through Skogsdal's wildest ravines, through the pillared halls of the old forest and across the hydrangea with far-reaching views. At Ramsbytjärnet, you pass beautiful meadows and pastures, cultural fields with roots even to the järnåldern's agricultural landscape.

Two days are recommended if you want to go the whole way round. It is possible to shorten the hike to one day and even shorter trips. This trail gives you the opportunity to stop at a farm ruin and consider the living conditions of your ancestors or listen to the large pocket at a desert star. 


Båstnäs car cemetery

​Båstnäs is truly a different attraction, Northern Europe's only scrapyard of its kind. If you travel from Töcksfors via Västra Fågelvik for about 25 kilometers on winding dirt roads, you will come to a sign that says Here the public road ends, then you will find yourself in Båstnäs and the car cemetery, and even then life feels a little surreal.


The car cemetery is a monument to a time that has passed. Now the cars in Båstnäs can be seen as an installation where nature is the most important actor. Over the years, Båstnäs has become a cultural meeting place for artists and above all photographers from all over the world.


Not quite

​Welcome to Not Quite, a place and network for artists, crafters and designers. At Not Quite there are art galleries, a gallery, a shop, a café and a bistro. Art exhibitions, concerts, guided tours, courses and workshops are also arranged here.

At Not Quite you can visit the art shop which is a showcase for its members and another visitor attraction in the area. Here you will find carefully selected artwork in a special mix of large and small, fun and strict.

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​Horse-riding, high-altitude track, gold panning, bear safari, 3-match,


The moose park in Ed
Dalsland's Moose ranch

​Meeting moose, also known as the king of the forest, is a powerful experience. Moose are large and majestic, with something special and ancient about them that has always fascinated people. When you visit our moose park, we guarantee that you will see and learn more about moose, as well as get a unique close contact with these majestic animals.


​Paddle in Dalsland's canal

Canodal is a full-service canoe center with canoe rental in Ed, Dalsland. They also have kayak rentals and all possible equipment. They also teach paddling techniques and how to behave on the lake


The glass houses

​The unique glass houses from the project The 72 Hour Cabin have taken the world by storm. Plan a few days in nature and let stress and everyday demands be buried deep in the western Swedish wilderness. Glass houses are found in several locations in Western Sweden.



- Dalslands Stugbåtsuthyrning, Bengtsfors

Renting your own houseboat is both calm, exciting and close to nature. Treat yourself to a few nice days as cabin captain on Dalsland's canal this summer and experience the freedom of fantastic nature with fishing opportunities and nice hiking trails.

You can have a good time on Lake Lelång, do beach breaks where you like, grill or have coffee on the cabin's large veranda and just enjoy life. A semester in total freedom, in other words.


Flea markets in Dalsland

In Dalsland, you can go on a flea market to stock up on what you need.

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